Joanki’r Alo:

It is a management team founded by Wafil Khan, who is looking after all the existing projects of Poraleka and have introduced few more projects and campaign initiatives such as Community Development Project 2015, Health Campaigns, Environmental Campaigns and many more. Jonaki’r Alo Team is made up of few hardworking and talented youths from different professional fields of Bangladesh. This team along with its Head- Wafil Khan, the Chief Executive-Shamma Tasnim, the Management Lead –Sumaya Ahmed have been putting a lot of effort every day to achieve the goals of Jonaki’r Alo initiatives and projects.

ESA Youth’s team for Jonaki’r Alo:

This team is responsible for making Jonaki’r Alo spread its light even in the beautiful city of Tokyo. A number of Japanese youths in Tokyo formed this team. Mr. Takashi and Ms. Haruka from ESA Japan and Mr. Wafil Khan from Jonaki’r Alo Bangladesh are the leaders of this team. It is basically a Joanki’r Alo Japanese Unit. This team helps people of Japan to know about Jonaki’r Alo and raise fund for our campaigns and projects. They also actively take part in research on the production of Jonaki’r Alo Community Development Project.

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Jonaki Primary School:

It is one of the biggest projects of Poralekha since 2004. Jonaki School was formed to educate underprivileged children of a remote village called Charlaiykkha which is adjacent to the Karnaphuli River in Chittagong. Currently, Jonaki School has more than 360 students and eight teachers. Jonaki’r Alo has introduced new curriculums for the students and teachers to increase their knowledge along with the scheduled school textbooks to make each student skilled and creative. School stationers, textbooks, school uniforms and break time snacks are free for all the students, mostly sponsored by the Japanese organization ESA. Our students appear for the Govt. Primary Secondary Certificate examination every year and they have been passing the examination with flying colors. Jonaki School provides free education to all the children but never compromises with its quality of education. Our teachers make sure that the best knowledge and education is given to every student..

Jonaki Primary School,Charlaiykkha,
a remote village adjacent to the Karnaphuli river, Chittagong

We provide yearly teacher’s training program at Jonaki School. Guests and professionals visit Jonaki School once a year for a time and carry out the observation programs, teacher’s evolution so that our teachers and management system gets stronger and better. Sports, children’s film festival, reading and art competitions, tree plantation, clean up campaign and many other extracurricular activities are a part of the annual calendar of Jonaki School. We want our teachers and students to have knowledge beyond textbooks and government syllabus. We are trying to save electricity in Charlaiykkha as much as possible by running the school building on the solar panel. We also provide computer and IT class systems to the students so that they are familiar with the modern technology.

Solar Panel Project

Students of Jonaki School

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One Goal Million Souls:

We believe that ensuring a child’s right to education will not only help a life to prosper but can add to the nation’s development. Being a non-profitable and non-governmental organization we can hardly meet such big goal alone. So we need support from the part of the society which is capable enough to bring changes in lives. Our mission is to eradicate illiteracy from the society one by one and for that, we need contributions in order to bring valuable changes. We encourage people to donate and sponsor at least one of our school kids for his/her academic and educational cost. These little contributions can bring effective changes in the large picture. OGMS is looking for your contribution to the community and the nation.

Our Aim:

  1. Ensuring education to maximum kids possible.
  2. Developing self-reliant projects by the nationals/individuals
  3. Spreading the light of education as far and fast as we can without foreign funding
  4. Reach out to the privileged society and help them spread their hand to make a donation for the people who need it.

We will provide you:

  1. Regular reports on the child you will sponsor.
  2. Annual Financial report.
  3. A fun-day where you can spend time with the sponsored child.
  4. A complete report on the sponsored child and his/her family.

Our Progress To OGMS:
At present, there is total 13 sponsors from different professions, who are unconditionally making contribution to the children’s education. Each of them are sponsoring at least one child, even some of them are sponsoring more than 3 children. Right now total 20 students are being sponsored through this OGMS project.

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Women Empowerment Project:

This is a very important and challenging initiative of Jonaki’r Alo. We had chosen the remote area of Charlaiykkha and started our research in the middle of 2015 and introduced a “Women Empowerment” project. We gather women and give them training sessions like “tie-dye”, sewing etc. Women make products like bags, table runners etc using the tie-dye materials and our ESA (the Japanese organization) makes a bulk purchase. The portion of the profit is distributed among the women along with a certificate with the hope that they would use the money and the certificate to develop their skills or start up their own business. On March 2016, we sold hundreds of tie-dye products to Japan, made by the trainees of Jonaki'r Alo Women Empowerment Project. At first, it was just giving them the training and certificate but since 2018 we have been giving them some small projects of making handicrafts and tie-dye products. We sell their products in the market and give them their part of the profit. This way, we have been helping the women to stand on their own feet.

Women Empowerment Project: Training Program

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Sustaining Bengal:

Sustain Bengal is a project of Jonaki'r Alo mainly focused on sustaining the deprived craftsmanship of Bangladesh hill tracks. It also works as a platform for our Women Empowerment Project to sell their products. As Bangladesh cottage industry, the craftsmanship, and the beautiful handicrafts are on its way to extinction, Project Sustain Bengal takes products made by women from hill tracks. This project does not only empower women but also help the national economy to grow by making the best use of our natural resources, producing Bangladeshi products. Our team is going through a couple of online activities by posting videos, photos and small articles, encouraging people to buy more products made by our cottage industry. We are setting up awareness campaigns through multiple meetings and seminars at universities and other suitable places.

Jonaki’r Alo Products reached in Japan, our first success in representing our cottage industry
to one of the fastest moving cities, “Tokyo”.

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Health Campaign:

Jonaki'r Alo has been conducting Health Campaign since 2013 among the students and villagers. This initiative was designed to help them understand the importance of several health issues and make them aware of the consequences. We hold campaigns on female hygiene where we teach village women about dealing with the daily health obstacles they face. We regularly perform Hand wash day, Cancer Campaign, Women’s Health Day and many more campaigns. K - Cancer Campaign is a new initiative of Jonaki'r Alo team and is part of JA health campaigns. Though cancer is a very critical disease yet we believe we must fight for it. K - Cancer Campaign mainly makes people aware of Cancer, especially those who are living in the rural areas. We want to educate people about the symptoms of Cancer and encourage them to talk about it to their near and dear ones. We also get help from prestigious doctors who come forward with Jonaki’r Alo to help us make people aware of various health issues along with K Cancer. We are now funding for one cancer patient who is unable to pay for the treatment.

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Environmental Campaign:

Jonaki’r Alo observes environmental campaigns such as grow green, re use projects, RPK eco-friendly library and many more.


It is a campaign to let people know about the environmental obstacles and solutions. Since 2013, we have been doing school-based tree plantation programs using plastic bottles from different places to plant trees. We have few classes with the students explaining them the importance of tree plantation and the disadvantages of cutting down trees. To have a healthy and safer planet we need more greenery. Now, Jonaki’r Alo is planning to take this campaign to another platform and we want to spread this message of “grow-green” among everyone through our JA campaigns and seminars.

One of our school based “Grow-green” campaigns

Every year through our campaigns we try to share re-using and recycling ideas along with other environmental habits that should grow among the people living in rural areas. At our annual Environmental Campaign, we introduce villagers how they can avoid polluting water bodies and plant more trees to protect this world. We show them the use of wasted coconut, egg shells, tea-leaves etc which can be transformed into fertilizers and at the same time we can avoid plastic bags to plant trees.

Re-use Project:

Re-using goods like plastic bottles is an essential and effective way to reduce the pollution that we produce by burning wastage or blocking water bodies (rivers/seas) and harming the mother-nature the worst way possible. Hence, it is our responsibility to think about great ideas and help to create a healthy environment for us and the generation to come. As mentioned above (in the grow-green section) we are re-using plastic bottles for planting trees and trying to spread the message of stop wasting re-usable materials and use them to do something effective and useful. On the other hand, we cut down thousands of trees everyday to make papers but we are neither re-planting enough trees to make up for it nor making the best use of the papers. So, Jonaki’r Alo “Re-use Campaign” has decided to re-use daily newspaper and make them into paper bags for selling Jonaki’r Alo products from “Community Development” project and we also use newspaper to cover up gifts or necessary goods instead of a wrapping paper. Along with “Grow-green” campaign, Jonaki’r Alo wants to aware and spread the beautiful message of “Re-use Campaign” among the mass people.

Re-use Campaign

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RPK Eco-Friendly Library:

RPK Eco-Friendly Library (Memoirs of Raffat Pervez Khan) is located on the roof-top of Jonaki Project site in Charlaikkhya, Chittagong. It is the first rooftop eco-friendly library of Bangladesh. This Library has been named after Raffat Pervez Khan, the founder of Poralekha NGO. This Library is sponsored by ESA and Hatti Library of Japan. Wafil Khan, the initiator of Jonaki’r Alo created this with the purpose of making people aware about the environment and to save it at its best. The library has a glass room with books and an open space with plants and various other re-used products. We make the children, teachers and others to plant trees and do gardening. It is very important that we create a refreshment space for our children. This roof top library would be used for conducting environmental and health campaigns throughout the year. We also welcome anyone who is interested to donate books and plants in honor of their respective love for nature. The library can be used for the literary meet or any sort of workshops on books, culture, heritage and so on.

RPK Eco Friendly Library

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Ek Cup Chaa:

We often arrange “Ek Cup Chaa”, our very own event of Jonaki’r Alo to showcase different types of projects and initiatives. It is a networking event that we arrange for different purposes. Here, we share ideas on ways to improve our existing projects for the betterment of the society along with some Chaa(tea). We encourage creative and non-monetary contribution of knowledge and ideas on this event.

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Boipoka (One plant, one book project):

Boipoka is a recent ongoing project of JA. This was first introduced by Mr. Wafil Khan on the “Ek Cup Chaa” event. This event is held at least once a month where we continue our discussion on Boipoka project and come up with new ideas and ways that can contribute to enrich our eco-friendly library. This is basically a literary meet. Any book or nature lover can join this event. Here, we choose a book or an article and discuss about it. Boipoka meaning bookworm is a new initiative with a mission to excite underprivileged children about reading and to create strong literacy habits for a lifetime. For this purpose, the project encourages the donation of books along with plants. As trees are cut down for the purpose of making paper for the books we are reading, this project introduces the concept of donating one plant with one book .This means we are making it up for cutting down trees for the books we are reading or donating. People are welcome to donate new or old books for this project or they can help JA with this project by donating monetarily. For example, you can donate 300 taka and two plants or you can donate two books and two plants.

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Jonaki’r Alo provides internship programs where we take students from different universities as interns and put their fresh ideas into our projects. At the same time, we also offer them at least three workshops so that they can gain valuable work experience, develop and refine their skills and learn more about the corporate world. We provide internship facilities in a way that both sides get benefitted by this.

Workshops for interns

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