About Us

Jonaki’r Alo is an initiative of Poralekha (NGO), founded with the aim to provide education to the underprivileged children and to ensure a better future for them and the society in whole. In 2004, Poralekha in affiliation with ESA (Japanese non- profit organization), has built Jonaki Primary School in Charlaiykkha, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Jonaki’r Alo was formed to look after the school system. Jonaki’r Alo team has been taking necessary steps in improving the school system and find proper solutions to the daily obstacles and challenges. Since the middle of 2015, Jonaki’r Alo has been conducting a Community Development Project in Charlaiykkha village to empower women by providing vocational training to the needy women of the community. We are also working towards a goal of sustaining cottage industry and traditional handicrafts of Bangladesh which are almost in the process of extinction or they are being replaced by imported products. We are holding campaigns on health care and environment care to improve the lives of the people living within the JA project area and other places of Chittagong as well.

It is a registered non-governmental organization founded in 1998 by Raffat Pervez Khan.

ESA – Education Sponsorship in Asia:
It is a Japanese non-profit organization, founded in 1999. Poralekha is affiliated with ESA since the beginning of its journey. ESA provides regular sponsorship, helping to run Jonaki School and Jonaki’r Alo projects and initiatives.

Joanki’r Alo:
It is a management team founded by Wafil Khan, who is looking after all the existing projects of Poraleka and have introduced few more projects and campaign initiatives such as Community Development Project 2015, Health Campaigns, Environmental Campaigns and many more. Jonaki’r Alo Team is made up of few hardworking and talented youths from different professional fields of Bangladesh. This team along with its Head- Wafil Khan, the Chief Executive-Shamma Tasnim, the Management Lead –Sumaya Ahmed have been putting a lot of effort every day to achieve the goals of Jonaki’r Alo initiatives and projects.

ESA Youth’s team for Jonaki’r Alo:
This team is responsible for making Jonaki’r Alo spread its light even in the beautiful city of Tokyo. A number of Japanese youths in Tokyo formed this team. Mr. Takashi and Ms. Haruka from ESA Japan and Mr. Wafil Khan from Jonaki’r Alo Bangladesh are the leaders of this team. It is basically a Joanki’r Alo Japanese Unit. This team helps people of Japan to know about Jonaki’r Alo and raise fund for our campaigns and projects. They also actively take part in research on the production of Jonaki’r Alo Community Development Project.

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